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Mist Lines

Anti Smog Machine

The new innovation for dust suppression, ‘Mist Cannon’ is based on a system of water/air spraying. It allows the water and dust particles to collide and form agglomerates by the addition of micron size water droplets to dust, making the dust too heavy to remain airborne leading it to settle on the ground. The elevation is adjustable between 0 and 45 degrees for the efficient management of range and the control of mobile system and the angle of rotation can be operated in auto/manual mode. Mist Cannon is an ingenious product launched by Mist Magic that is well established in the environment field and dust pollution control equipment.                                                                                                                                                                            Applications: t Quarries and mines t Ground dump and discharge t Solvent dispersal in the event of spillage into the environment t Odour control at waste disposal and landfill site t Points of loading and unloading ship Waste Water Evaporation

High Pressure Fogging System

High Pressure Fogging System

HIGH PRESSURE MIST FAN SYSTEMS are centralized systems, i.e. one machine is connected to several mist fans (mounted or pedestal).

Mist Line Solution

Mist Line Solution

Alternatively Misting Options: Mist fans & lines restrict installations since it is imperative to have structures to mount on them

Mist Air Cond:Misting can now be used onh air curtain; which makes its a mist air cond, This can be wall mounted in any outdoor area instead of fans

Mist Poles:- Misting Poles can be erect5ed in open space to throw out mist in different directions. These are more pleasing and can be installed in a middle area of loction(without any structure).

Mist from the floor: Mist magic can also lay a whole network of piping under your flooring to create mist from ground level.

Also Known as mist cooling.
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