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Dust Suppression System

Dust Suppression System

We like to introduce our new innovative product for dust suppression, based on a system of water/air spraying: The mobile dust system which water and dust particles collide to form agglomerates by the addition of micron size water droplets to dust and dust becomes too heavy to remain airborne and they settle.

Our method achieves suppression greater than 90% efficiency observed by a lot of certified tests at Cement, Power, Steel and other Process industries.

Fog Cannon is an innovative product launched by Mist Magic which is well established in the environment field and Pollution control Equipment.

The working principle of this system is based on a jet of finely atomized water carried by a stream of air generated by a fan and if necessary, with a Chemical surfactant.

The angle of rotation is adjustable automatically up to a maximum of 330 ° this feature can be easily overridden by allowing a full manual control of the machine. The elevation is adjustable between 0 ° and 45 ° for the efficient management of range and The control of mobile system can be operated in Auto/Manual Mode.

The water consumption varies from just 30 liters/min. up to 300 liters/min. it consumes one-third of water normally consumed by a conventional system.

The mobile system also is used as an autonomous and independent system, through the use of a vehicle equipped with a generator and a water tank.


Our design engineers are well equipped to custom design a Dust Suppression System when provided with relevant input data and drawings. As per the same varies models with a different operating range of dust system will be designed.

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