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Outdoor Cooling Solutions

Outdoor Cooling Solutions

Outdoor Cooling Solutions
  • Outdoor Cooling Solutions
  • Outdoor Cooling Solutions

Misting - What is it? MISTING provides active cooling for an intended area through specially designed nozzles. The water goes through a 2 stage filtration process after which it is forced through these nozzles at a desired pressure to create micro fine mist which brings down the temperature of an outdoor area. The mist created is an ultra fine 10-micron (about one-tenth the size of human hair) mist!

The exact amount of temperature reduction is dependent on the model and the area covered by each fan. However, the range lies between 6 degrees - 12 degrees. Furthermore, misters clear the air of smoke, dust and other airborne particles.

Misting has several applications as outlined earlier; however, below are the three main functions specific to the hospitality & residential sector:

Outdoor Cooling : This being the primary objective and can be achieved through several options which will be further elucidated upon.

Landscaping and Special Effects : Apart from cooling, mist magic systems can add fogging effects to water bodies, landscape, gardens - anywhere. We can also create thick fog as ambiance for a movie sets, restaurants, amusement parks etc. The Magicscaping kit is designed to provide years of cooling and fogging, thus, let not your imagination be restricted when it comes the possibilities of Mist Magic!

Thermal Curtain : Misting can be used to create a thermal curtain surrounding the periphery of the entire property. A misting curtain acts like a shelter for the house, barricading heat to directly enter the house. Not only does this reduce the use of air conditioning within the household, but also allows the residents to enjoy a natural and fresh form of cooling during summer months! However, this is applicable mostly for dry heat as opposed to humid ambient conditions.

Restaurant Mist Cooling System

We are one of the leading manufacturers  of Restaurant Mist Cooling System.
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